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Every Sunday morning by 11 AM, USA Pacific Time (Universal Time / GMT is -8) we begin another Inspirational Metaphysical / Spiritual broadcast. The broadcast remains available for viewing throughout the week - until late Saturday night. A new broadcasting cycle begins a few hours later, early Sunday morning.

In order to reach the widest audience possible, we use a Flash video format. If you are not able to receive the broadcasts, you may quickly and easily install a FREE Adobe Flash Player on your computer. Click here and / or here for more information and free download.

First time visitor? If the video broadcast does not begin after a few moments, you may have to adjust your browser to allow for streaming Flash video, Active X, and Javascript. The lower your connection speed, the longer it will take before the audio starts.

If you have a medium or lower speed Internet connection, we suggest your try the Audio Only Broadcast, which is located here.

It is getting to be a more common practice for Internet Service Providers to intentionally interrupt or brake connections during an extended video stream. If in the middle of the broadcast your media player stops and displays an error, the most probable reason. Wait a minute or so, then refresh / reload your page so that the broadcast starts again. Once restarted, you may fast forward to the spot where you left off by moving the slider towards the right.

The video broadcast will start below... automatically!

Internet speed too slow for smooth video? 
Try our Audio Only Broadcast


If the video does not start automatically, click on the arrow in the middle of the screen.



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If you have a lower speed connection, please try the Audio Only Broadcast located  here